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David Barrett comes with extensive experience running events for project managers.  He was the founder and Director of ProjectWorld Canada, ProjectSummit US and BusinessAnalystWorld for 18 years.  He ran over 75 events for PMs during that time.

He has been a member of the PMI since 1996 and attended his fair share of monthly meetings, conferences and events.

He is currently a professional speaker specializing in project leadership, corporate leadership and strategy execution.  As a speaker, he has delivered to over 140 PMI audiences over the past 3 years.  

He is an author of 4 books, a weekly blogger and the author of ‘The Weekly One Minute Video Series”.

David is the founder and National Program Director for the Centre of Excellence in Project Management at York University in Toronto, Canada.  And he was the founder and Executive Editor of ProjectTimes.com and BATimes.com.

David currently working on his 5th book on strategy execution, a new project management event called ProjectTalks and a speakers’ bureau called ProjectSpeakersNetwork.

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