Why would you use this service?

  1. You are a new board member or volunteer tasked with filling 10 monthly meeting slots and you do not have 10 good option out there.
  2. You are filling spots for a symposium and you want a few qualified, really good speakers.
  3. You want a great keynote for you next conference.
  4. You are interested in offering 1 day workshops and need good, experienced facilitators.
  5. You want to try out webinars for your members.

Can we Get Help Organizing an Event?

Yes.  We have over 18 years experience running project management events.   2 days of tracks + keynotes + pre and post workshops.  David has spoken at over 40 chapter events over the past 2 years – seeing the good and the not so good.

We can offer you a short, free session providing any guidance you want.  After that, we have many different options we can use to work together to produce a great event for you and your members.

Who registers the PDU’s?   In all cases – you do.

Do you identify The PMI® ‘s Knowledge Triangle content? – yes we do .  Check out our content listing and you will see a Knowledge Triangle tag.  You can also filter on this field.