First of all, please understand that you will not pay any extra for any of our content providers.  We take a % of the fee charged from the speaker – not from you – and the speaker is not allowed to bump their typical prices because of this.

Fees will vary depending on the quality and experience of the speaker and it depends on what you are doing?  If you are running a one day PDD and looking for one speaker to present a workshop for the day then we may talk about a flat fee OR we could go in with you and charge a fee per registered person.

If you are looking for a free dinner speaker on her/his own, then we cannot help you.  However, if you are willing to run a one day PDD the next day then we are definitely able to help.   Let the PDD pay for the dinner speech.

Given all of this, it is best you email or call us and we can provide a rough estimate before you go too far down the road.
or 905-271-4483