This site is designed to offer easy access to project-focused speakers for organizations, including chapters of the PMI®.

Please note we are not affiliated in any legal way with the PMI®.  We do, however, support them in many ways through sponsorship and presenting at local chapter events.

At the time writing, we are working on an invitation only basis.  We would welcome your submission now so that when we open up to a larger audience we will be ready to go with your information.

Here are some ground rules to consider before you connect with us.

  • We are looking for project-focused content only.   This is what will make this site unique.  All other content can be readily sourced through other bureaus if desired.
  • We will only represent proven, high quality speakers.  We will not represent new or emerging speakers.
  • In order to be accepted as a resource, we will require the following:
  • general speakers and workshop facilitators must provide 3 references from different PMI® chapters or organizations and definitely from three different engagements – unless already known by ProjectSpeakersNetwork.
  • keynote speakers must provide video footage from an onstage engagement + 3 references – unless already known by ProjectSpeakersNetwork.

We will charge you a % of the fee for our services.  We will not propose you without consulting with you first and confirming your desire for us to do so.

In all cases, preference will be given to PMI members and anyone who has authored a book

If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us any time.