Monthly Event Only – Hopefully you can source most of your speakers locally for nothing.  But if you want to import from away just for a dinner event it would cost between $1,500 and $2,500.  Ouch.  I know so look at the next option.

Monthly Event + 1 Day Stand-Alone Workshop – $100 per paying head at the workshop and the event the day or night before or after would be at no charge. Minimum 15 people – no maximum.

Professional Development Day – one speaker or two half day speakers.  $2,500 for the day (or half day) or we might do a $100 per delegate revenue share.

Symposium or Conference – 2-3 track sessions – $2,500 for the day. (add a workshop day for $2,500)

Symposium or Conference – Keynote Speaker – $4,500 – $6,500 – would include 1-2 track sessions on the same day. (add a workshop day for $2,500)

Webinars – we can offer you two access points to a hosted webinar for your members without worrying about the software licence nor the know-how to run it: you provide the speaker or we provide the speaker.  The standard price for both is $250 for a one hour session.  If you want us to provide the speaker – $500.   In both cases, we look after technology, moderating and speaker training.  You look after the registration of the PDUs.

In all cases, you must add travel and accommodation.  $750-$1,000 roughly.