Skip Weisman

Poughkeepsie, NY

Skip Weisman has presented his engaging and interactive communication programs to more than 15,000 project managers since 2012 in live keynotes, breakout session seminars, full day trainings across North America. This includes 28 PMI chapters, 35 different PMI chapter events, more than 50 presentations in with 8-PDD opening/luncheon keynotes, 14-dinner meeting events, 7-full day trainings and 15-PDD breakout sessions. Skip has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2005 and was invited to become a certified World Class Speaking Coach in 2014. The first 20-years of Skip’s career he served as CEO for 5 different professional baseball teams. Following the 2001 baseball season and has been working with small to medium sized businesses, project managers, project leaders, and PMOs to transform interpersonal communication ever since. The communication strategies he teaches have been developed from his experience and leadership growth along with 12 years experience as an workplace communication coach. Skip brings unique intellectual property to all of his presentations. One meeting planner recently said, “no one is communicating about communication the way Skip Weisman is. He presents a unique and fresh look on an age-old subject in a way that is enlightening, engaging, entertaining and educational.”
Bobbie Shrivastav, PDD Symposium Chair – PMI Triad 2015 “I would highly recommend Skip to any other PMI Chapter or other organization as a keynote speaker. We’re hoping to bring him back soon!” Jay Benigno, President – PMI SW Virginia 2015 “If you have an opportunity to hire Skip Weisman to keynote your event, DO IT! Skip was extremely professional and great to work with.” Wayne Rambow, Chapter President – PMI Southern Alberta Canada (Calgary) 2014 “Any chapter event planner that’s considering using you as a speaker will be happy with the results. The value you brought to our event was that you did the research and connected your message to the role of our audience so it was very practical and applicable!” Fred Koos, Meeting Planner/VP of Education - PMI Pittsburgh 2014 “Skip, you hit the mark with your keynote for our event. In my observation you had the audience active, engaged in their own learning and they were energized for not just your keynote but for the rest of the day. For sure I would recommend you as a keynote speaker for others. “ Tracy Dwiel, Meeting Planner/VP of Education - PMI Palmetto (Greenville, SC) 2014 “Skip, we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on your presentations. Your communication topics are perfect for our audience, plus we love that you keep developing new material.” Andy Walker, VP of Programs – PMI Washington, DC 2014 “Skip’s presentation was fantastic! His message and engaging style resonated with audience. Skip exceeded my expectations so I can enthusiastically endorse Skip as a speaker for any organization’s event!” Jeff Howcroft, Conference Co-Chair/Speaker Coordinator – PMI Northern Utah 2013 “Skip’s presentation went well above our expectations and created great value for our event and members. I definitely would recommend Skip to other meeting planners for their events and we look forward to bringing him back!” Barb Cross, Meeting Planner – PMI North Saskatchewan 2014 “Skip was extremely easy to work with in coordinating our event. He delivered exactly what we wanted for our members’ experience! Skip was well organized and consistent in his follow through and promises. We are extremely pleased with how the day came off.” Lorraine Sanders, Session Attendee – PMI Northern Utah, 2014 “Meeting planners should know that Skip is going to be a very engaging speaker and he is going to get a lot of engagement from the participants because of that! Skip creates a great give-and-take learning environment!” Jacy Thompson, Session Attendee – PMI Northern Utah, 2014 “Skip’s session was one of the more valuable of the conference for me. His energy in presenting and the practicality of the strategies he offered made it easy for session attendees to stay engaged throughout!” John Todd, V.P.-Professional Development , PMI MassBay (Boston, MA) 2016 – “I would highly recommend Skip Weisman for any special even you have and need a keynote speaker. He’s a very dynamic speaker who engages his audience and he will definitely ensure the success of your event!” Stephan Nadeau, President – PMI MassBay (Boston, MA) 2016 – “As our keynote you provided the right amount of charisma and energy we needed to kick off the first day of our two-day event! Even at the dinner for the first night people we still talking about your opening presentation! I think you’re a ‘must have,’ Skip, and not just for project managers but any field or industry!” Marilena Dolan, PMO Leader – PMI MassBay (Boston, MA) 2016 “I definitely recommend Skip as a speaker. He worked a very crowded room of 400 people seamlessly and got people engaged and active!” Rochelle Cook, President – PMI Piedmont Triad (Greensboro, NC) 2015 “I have no reservations recommending you, Skip, because our experience working with you from beginning to end was a like a partnership. He delivered in many ways beyond what we expected!”