Claire Sookman

Toronto, Canada Region , Ontario

As the driving force behind Virtual Team Builders, Claire Sookman brings to the table over three decade’s worth of corporate training experience, working with well over 4,500 Project Managers in the past five years alone Specializing in building high performance virtual teams. We provide our customers with customized solutions that deliver value over time; including assessments, learning, coaching and performance support. Our solutions increase engagement, and improve business results. Her personalized, focused seminars have garnered numerous accolades, putting her services in high demand Worldwide. Some of her clients include: Scotia Bank, Boeing, Comdev, TD/Canada Trust, Siemens, Ernst & Young, USDA Forest Services and GlaxoSmithKline.
Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe)

“Virtual Team Builders proved to be everything they promised. Claire delivered a highly engaging, interactive, and eye opening workshop that was geared towards our client group. Participant feedback was incredibly positive noting specifically the professionalism of the facilitation and the high quality and relevancy of materials.”

Catrina Perry

“Thank you for presenting to our recent Project Management Forum. The insights you offered were incisive, and sometimes shocking. It was a wake-up call to realize the extent to which we are impacted by virtual team interaction. We used to think of this solely in terms of team members in India. Now we understand that it’s also members as close as the next floor in the same building.

Your tips on how to engage these remote participants were also valuable.

I recommend your services to anyone who relies on virtual teams to achieve their business objectives. Thanks again for your contribution to our successful event.”

Gary Hill
Solution Delivery Services
Technology and Operations

“I was not expecting to be fully engaged during our online training session – I was only expecting to be an observer. Through Claire’s skill in generating interaction I become fully engaged. It was the best on-line session that I have ever experienced.”

Dr. Vafa Ram
Head of Training Solutions Development for